About Us

About Spitzer & Associates
Spitzer & Associates is known nationally for our government acquisition and relocation assistance projects. We specialize in ensuring conformance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, for right of way acquisition, relocation of residential, commercial, utilities and special use properties, program management, quality control/quality assurance, and oversight services. Our expertise in interpreting the Uniform Act ensures that all projects are in compliance with federal regulations. We understand the importance of budgets and deadlines, as well as the sensitive issues associated with government real estate projects.

Spitzer & Associates has provided land acquisition, relocation assistance, program management, QA/QC, and oversight services for numerous large government agencies under the requirements of the Uniform Act, including the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA), Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Government Services Administration (GSA), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). We also provided the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) with Program Management Services for right of way acquisition, relocation, QA/QC, and property management for GARVEE funded projects. We oversaw the development, execution, and operation of this $1 billion, full-service, right of way acquisition program.

Spitzer & Associates is a national leader in FTA Program Management Oversight (PMO) services.  Under the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), FTA is responsible for administering grants and loans to assist state and local agencies in financing, acquisition, construction, and improvements to transportation facilities. We were contracted to provide PMO Real Estate activities to ensure that agencies executed projects professionally, efficiently and in accordance with laws and regulations.  We provided monitoring activities, including interviews, review of documents, observations, examination of records, and analysis of data and information. We worked with the FTA to create guidelines for implementing the real estate component of Project Management Oversight of FTA New Starts Programs.  

Comprehensive Services

We respond to each project individually: developing on-target solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. Using both turnkey and collaborative approaches, Spitzer & Associates tailors our efforts to ensure that all government and regulatory guidelines are met and produce the most effective results possible.

Committed to Excellence

Spitzer & Associates has established rigorous company-wide standards that we fulfill on every project, whether we are the lead or part of a larger team. These include:

  • Solutions that are innovative, realistic, and responsible
  • Project budgets and schedules are managed with precision and efficiency
  • Client’s short and long term goals and objectives are achieved with excellence

By meticulously adhering to these standards, Spitzer & Associates has earned a reputation for providing consistently outstanding service and highly successful results.

Services We Provide

  • Program & Project Management
    We provide turnkey real estate services or management of an existing program or specific project.
  • Relocation Assistance Services
    Spitzer & Associates is a premier relocation services firm that specializes in this complicated and critical element of governmental real estate.
  • Acquisition Services
    We negotiate for real property rights for governmental/quasi-governmental entities, both under the Uniform Act and for non-federally funded projects.
  • Project Oversight & Quality Assurance
    We provide oversight and quality assurance activities related to the performance of planning, design, construction and revenue operations of projects
  • Real Estate Program Consultation, including set-up and review
    We provide outside objective and creative ideas for implementing or improving a governmental/quasi-governmental real estate program.
  • Due Diligence Services
    We conduct comprehensive research to determine property ownership, easements, and other factors affecting real property.
  • Title Curative & Closing
    We are experts at providing quick, efficient answers to conveying clear title, as well as comprehensive, reliable closing services.
  • Site Selection Services
    Spitzer & Associates conducts comprehensive research and analysis of real estate sites for a variety of uses, including zoning, property use, floodplain analysis, and developmental capabilities.
  • Public Involvement
    Conduct public hearings; create websites, and proactively keep constituents informed.
  • Property Databases & Inventories
    Create manageable databases and inventories of properties owned.
  • Property Management
    When required on projects, we have experts who understand the intricacies involved with management and disposal of assets acquired.